Steel component manufacturing offer

Our company can boast many years of experience in the production of gratings, metal barrels and other elements for the construction of industrial traffic routes. We carry out all orders, adhering strictly to high standards, thanks to which we offer only high-quality goods, the properties of which fully comply with the technical documentation. The production process of our elements is supervised by a team of highly qualified engineers, which guarantees their perfect execution.

We also manufacture acid-resistant stainless steel gratings. Our gratings are available in a wide range of dimensions and, thanks to their anti-slip protection, guarantee safety to users. We also offer a wide range of components for multi-purpose metal platforms, such as grating-based steps and pressed rungs.


Our steel products have a wide range of applications

Some of our products are widely used in many areas of industry as building components. Floor gratings They are used for the construction of traffic routes, such as footbridges, walkways and bridges and stairs. They are very often used in energy and industrial construction, in factory halls, refineries, pipelines, cranes and ducts.

Floor gratings

Platform gratings come in three finishes: black (without corrosion protection), painted, galvanised. We also manufacture gratings in acid-resistant stainless steel. Our gratings are available in many size variants and guarantee safety thanks to their anti-slip protection.

Stair treads

Stair treads in standardised sizes or to order. Finishes: black (without corrosion protection), painted, galvanised. We also manufacture steps in acid-resistant stainless steel. Stair treads in standardised sizes or to order.

Stairs and steps pressed

A wide range of ladder rungs and platform steps.
Thanks to modern technology, we are able to manufacture platform elements in any size...

Metal drums

Drums with removable and permanently pressed lid in black and galvanised steel with capacities from 25 to 216 dm3.The drums meet the requirements of international regulations: ADR, RID, IMDG-Code, IATA-DGR, RTDG for the second and third packaging groups and are UN-marked.